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FAQs and policies.

Here at Island Hospitality Group, we are committed to providing you experiences that soar beyond your expectations. As part of that commitment, we set policies that protect you as a customer while ensuring smooth operations for our business. We appreciate your business and respect for these policies.


  1. Please allow up to 72 hours for us to respond to all inquiries.

  2. Although we tend to inquiries during the standard work week, we are available for business 7 days a week unless otherwise specified.

  3. At booking, we ask you to fill out a booking form. This helps us learn more about you and tailor your service to your needs.  Once we have this information, we will provide a customized quote. 

  4. Advanced booking is recommended to avoid a rush service fee. 

  5. We accept the following forms of payments: ACH transfer (local customers), international wires (foreign customers - you are responsible for all fees), cash payments (local customers), and credit/debit cards (in-person or over the phone).

  6. Due to the nature of our business, we do not issue refunds for food and beverage (F&B) services.

  7. The starting price of dining per person is $175. Our catering and dining prices vary. They depend on menus (e.g., menus rich in seafood will reflect market prices), service location (i.e., mileage, transportation of goods to and within the property), labor, cleaning, and setup, etc.



  • Your booking is confirmed once a deposit is made. Deposits vary depending on the service but are a 25% minimum. After you request a booking, we hold it for 10 days. We cancel bookings if a deposit is not made within 10 days of booking. 

  • The balance for any service rendered is due at the start of your service. If you fail to submit your balance, the service may be canceled and you will forfeit any deposits made. 

  • If you request additional services after making a deposit or full payment,  we will charge for those services. We expect you to settle the balance in full once we provide the service(s).

  • We can provide payment schedules or plans for clients that require their payments to be split into four (4) equal payments over a specified period that exceeds no more than eight (8) weeks before the date of service(s).

  • There are blackout dates periodically throughout the year. During those periods, we are unavailable for service. Please inquire with us before booking any service(s).

  • A late fee will be added to any outstanding invoices. This fee will total 10% of your balance owed and will be charged every five (5) late days until the balance is settled in full. 

  • We are committed to treating everyone with dignity, kindness, and love. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who mistreats an employee of Island Hospitality Group, guest, etc. 

Email or for further inquiries.

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