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horatio alexander smith is the founder of island hospitality group

A visionary who loves to feed the soul...

Horatio Smith is the co-founder of Island Hospitality Group.

Founded in 2019.

The Island Hospitality Group is the brainchild of Horatio and Ashli Smith, Bahamian natives who found the secret to island living. 

Good energy. 

They sought to create spaces where locals and visitors could bask in their love for art, culture, and food. 

Love is Horatio and Ashli's ethos. This dynamic duo seeks to spread love with each experience as they serve domestic and international visitors eager to bask in the radiant free energy that Eleuthera offers. 

When they're not curating experiences that become life-lasting memories for you and your loved ones, they enjoy spending time with their daughter, Koffy Blue, frequent beach days and five-minute boat trips to Harbour Island, partnering with local artists to promote Bahamian art + culture, and just living the quintessential island life. 

family portrait of horatio, ashli, and koffy blue smith
koffy blue smith is the daughter of horatio and ashli smith
ashli smith spending her birthday on a pink sand beach in harbour island
horatio smith enjoying beach views in harbour island

Family first.

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