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Founded with love, by love, for love.

Founded in 2019.

The Island Hospitality Group is the brainchild of Horatio and Ashli Smith, Bahamian natives who found the secret to island living. 

Good energy. 

As a self-named energy chef and certified wedding planner, Horatio Smith brings over 18 years of event planning, food and beverage, hospitality, and tourism experience to a robust market consistently named a top-five destination in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Love is Horatio and Ashli's ethos. This dynamic duo seeks to spread love with each plate as they serve domestic and international visitors eager to bask in the radiant free energy that Eleuthera offers. 


Island Hospitality Group is a lifestyle company.

Chef's Experience ○ Concierge ○ Dinner at The House ○ Island Tours ○ Venue Rental ○ Wedding Planning

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