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Curating authentic cultural experiences for the seasoned 
island hopper.

Closer than home.

Experiences so intimate, they will feel like you never left home.


Culinary services for two or more persons.


Activities and events for adults and families.


Eleuthera from North to South.


Come, catch a vibe with us.

A private chef. Catering. Dinner for two (or more).

Whatever you call it, doesn't matter, because it's always a vibe with the
Chef's Experience

Feast on delectable island fusion cuisine prepared by our self-named energy chef, Horatio Alexander. 
Over 70% of our customers come back.

The experience is just that sweet!

When you sign up for our exclusive membership community, you don't simply gain access and convenience, you gain a family.

A home away from home.

Memberships begin in Spring 2023. Fill out this form to receive more information.

Request Membership

Request Membership


A boutique living community for short and long-term travelers.
Coming Summer 2023.

Don't leave yet! Follow us on Instagram, then come back, okay?


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