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Experience the beauty of Eleuthera and her sister islands.

Located 60 miles east of New Providence, the home of Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, Eleuthera is idyllic for the visitor seeking a slower-paced trip.

This long, thin island that is 110 miles in length is best known for its pink sand beaches, juicy pineapples, and a breathtaking marriage between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea.
travel to eleuthera bahamas by airplane

Getting here is easy. Leaving? You may not want to.

travel to eleuthera bahamas by boat

Travel by air

There are three international airports in Eleuthera from north to south. They include Governor's Harbour International Airport, North Eleuthera International Airport, and Rock Sound International Airport. Most international travelers who fly commercial may choose to fly to Nassau, Bahamas where they can connect on flights offered by domestic carriers such as Bahamasair and Western Air. North Eleuthera airport offers nonstop daily flights from Miami.


Airport codes


Governor's Harbour: GHB

North Eleuthera: ELH

Rock Sound: RSD


Flight duration


From Nassau to Governor's Harbour: 25 minutes

From Nassau to North Eleuthera: 25 minutes

From Nassau to Rock Sound: 25 minutes

From Miami to North Eleuthera: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Travel by boat

For the boater, charting a course to Eleuthera, Bahamas is easy. There are nine marinas located among Eleuthera and Harbour Island. Most marinas can fit vessels of any size and stays of any length. Private boaters are encouraged to contact marinas directly to make arrangements ahead of their visit. 


For visitors to Harbour Island, locally known by "Briland," daily ferries are available between Eleuthera and Harbour Island. This short ride takes approximately 15 minutes. Visitors may also travel to Harbour Island by ferry. That journey takes approximately three hours. 

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